Why Counselling Is Important Before Committing To Distance Learning Education Courses

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Counseling services at Tacoma Community College Library in Tacoma, WA (Photo credit: WA State Library)
by Kali Pada Giri

The Importance of Counselling

Counselling for students before starting with distance learning education courses is important to ensure that the chosen course is appropriate for students.

Generally, this process is organized and governed by authorized professionals. This helps students to understand their goals and set their priorities right for the academic future. Here are a few topics that are discussed in the counseling process.

  • Theory of Education
  • Psychology of intellectual development
  • Career Counselling
  • Planning for educational career
  • Cross-Cultural Counselling

Counselling is a part of educational development that ensures a bright future for students.

Objectives of This Approach

Counselling has multiple objectives that work in favor of students. Building a strong academic foundation for future is the main objective of this process. Let us talk about a few other objectives of counselling.

  • It helps students to learn about their social responsibilities and reduces communication gap between teachers and learners.
  • It is not about providing a set of rules to students, but to encourage them to follow a certain process that includes information exchange, advising, and counselling.
  • As this process is organized prior to the start of education program, therefore, students get better confidence about their choice of the course that they are about to pursue.
  • Throughout the session, the counsellor's knowledge of courses helps the students. This helps them to make the right decision.
  • Counselling is not about lecturing; it is all about finding the most suitable way to gain success in education through debate and discussion.
  • Some of the students often feel troubled making decisions when it comes to distance education. 
However, with the help of counselling, students overcome their fear and make bold decisions for life.

What are these sessions based on?

Counselling therapy depends on the acceptance, genuineness, and empathy of the counsellor. However, there are different types of subjects that make this therapy a success. This therapy teaches a few basic skills to the students that help them in completing the assignments.

The manner of counselling changes according to the course that an individual student wishes to pursue. It offers a clinical experience to the students and helps them to be more clear-minded regarding the long career ahead of them. Here are a few parts of counselling that changes in respect to the distance learning education course.

  • Theory of Counselling
  • Counselling philosophies to make ethical decision
  • Management of information
  • Counselling of vocational or writing issues

So, counselling is one of the most important parts of distance learning education courses.

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